My story

So I started Pro Ana at the end of my 8th grade year when I had just turned 14. I weighed 135 lbs and freshly vegetarian. Over the summer my weight bounced between 130 and 145 lbs over the summer because honestly, I sucked. By the time I hit my freshman year I was doing 24 hour fasts everyday and would only eat until it had been a full 24 hours until I had taken my last bite. By time I got to my sophomore year I was doing a full day fast every other day. I left sophomore year at 128 lbs and by time I hit junior year I had dropped to 110. I slowly worked my way down with 3 day and week long fasts and when I hit my senior year I was at 90 lbs. I chose to see how long I could go without food and managed 17 days before I passed out at school. My parents forced me into recovery at 78lbs. During my 2 1/2 years in recovery I ballooned up to 310 lbs. Once I was released from recovery I immediately began losing again. I survived on 2 cans of soup a day or one foot long subway sandwich and would split them between first thing in the morning and right after work. In a year and a half I have lost 130 lbs and am now sitting at 150. Today I am starting a 3 day fast. I’m not so good at fasting anymore, just eating very little, so we will see how this goes. I now also run a podcast about Pro Ana for Pro Ana’s and am working on a website, forum, and free online magazine all about Pro Ana which I hope to have everything up and running by summer. 


One thought on “My story

  1. I know you just started. I know what is like to go through this, so as you are already here, I would like a little help to fast at least 3 days a week. Cos I’ve gone through recovery too and I don’t find easy to fast anymore either. So if you want my support and I can count on you just tell me. Love and support xx


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