Modeling Competition

Auditioned for a modeling competition today. They said I’d be great, but I need to lose some weight. No shocker there. I’m not technically in yet, I have to wait on the call back plus the registration fee is almost $1,000. The competiton is in August so I have 13 weeks to lose 50 pounds. That’s 91 days. That means I have to lose 0.549lbs everyday. One pound of fat is 3,500 calories. So 50 pounds divided by the 91 days I have to lose them times 3,500 calories is 1923.076 calories. That’s what I have to burn everyday plus what I eat. I have a gaint food chart of everything I will eat until the day off competition and how may calories I have to burn that day plus what my goal weight should be for the following morning. Even if I’m not technically in the competition, this is a great way to lose the weight so even if I didn’t pass the audition and am not going to competition, I will still be sticking to my plan and applying to agencies. Wish me luck. 

This is me so right now. I have better before pictures later when I can take them in a way no one will recognize who I am. 



Collar Bones




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