I Am Ana Issue 2 

So I Am Ana Issue 2 may have a slight delay on its release. I will definitely have it out before June 6th, but I’m not sure how soon. I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t had time to work on it properly. So far the topics I’m working on are.

Summer diet

Summer workouts

Staying busy when your out of school

What is a pro Ana coach?

Ana Couch vs Ana buddy and which type do you need

What to look for in a coach 

Advice for coaches

Tips and tricks


Being pro Ana and happy

What is anti Ana

Burn 10,000 calories in one day challenge, can you do it?

Auto text messages sign up
Anymore ideas from anyone? 
Also my podcast has officially run out of room unless I’m going to delete old pods or start paying. I think I’m going to move the old podcasts to YouTube and delete them from my PodBean. That way the old ones still exist and those that follow me on PodBean will get updated with the new ones. 
I’m going on an almost 2 week vacation at the end of this week. It’s this weekend, the following week, and the next weekend. My parents own a lake house so my roommate and I are going to go stay while we are off work. There are a lot of hills around the house so I can go hike every morning. Hoping to be below 140 when we get back. I’m kinda debating whether or not to bring my scale with me. 

I also went swimsuit shopping yesterday and I officially fit a size small again without squeezing. I’ll post photos of them when I can get pictures that won’t reveal who I am. 

Until next time lovelies. 


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