Headed Home Tomorrow 

So this was the last day on the lake. I finally got to wear my other swim suit since its been raining all week 

I’m not fond of high waisted suits on me. Shorts, pants, and skirts are all great but I’m just not completely into these. I feel like they are for fat girls and make me look fatter than my other suit. 

Since its the last day and I’ve spen this entire week focusing on getting smaller I’m want to share my before and afters. 

Standing normal, not trying to look smaller. 

Bit of a difference, not super significant. 

Now here’s trying to look smaller by arching my back and standing on my toes. I take these because my natural stance is me trying to look smaller. 

There is a much more noticeable difference here. I have less of a gut, my ribs are smaller with less fat over them.


One thought on “Headed Home Tomorrow 

  1. Thats a really really nice progress you did here. Youre showing yourself that you can do it, you have a strong will power. And not everyone has it 🙂


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