Home and Tired

I’m finally home and exhausted. I’m gonna try to get the next issue of I Am Ana out tomorrow but I can’t really make any promises. The past few days have been so stressful for me. Not only have I spent an entire week being called by the wrong pronouns and forced to go by my birth name, My best friend asked me to stop calling him babe. It doesn’t really bother me to not call him that, it’s just the way I talk, but now I just feel like I’ve been annoying him this whole time. He asked me to stop because a lot of people think we are dating or should be because of how close we are and how we act around each other. Apparently one of our coworkers said we have to be dating cause I call him babe. So he asked me to stop. I may have to blow threw all my cigarettes to keep from slapping her. This is the same bitch that walks around work with her shirt pulled up to show her stomach and complains ( more like brags) about how she can’t gain any weight now matter how much she eats. She continues to breast feed her 2 year old even though the doctors have told her its making her lose to much weight and to stop.

I’m semi terrified to step on my scale tomorrow. I’m almost sure I’ve gone back up to 150 cause I ate like shit yesterday and today. But I have a new workout plan and diet so I’ll be back down in no time. 


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