I’m Kinda Conflicted 

So long story short, I have a crush on my best friend who I also live with. He’s great, he’s a big muscular guy who likes to workout and he holds me accountable for working out since we carpool to work, we workout together in the morning. He so sweet to me and I haven’t had a friend like him since my best friend from highschool died. I know he has no feelings for me like that but I still love him to death. 

But there is this other guy, who is single and flirts with me a lot. He’s super skinny and might try going vegan (that’s a big plus for me). But I’m not really sure if he actually likes me or is just a flirt. A lot of our mutual friends say he slept around a lot in the past and since I’m trans I won’t sleep with anyone until I’ve fully switched over so idk how that would work out. 

I just don’t know what to do. Should I try and go after the second guy? I know I’m never get anywhere with my best friend but I feel like I’m betraying him sometimes when I flirt with the other one. 



One thought on “I’m Kinda Conflicted 

  1. Don’t feel guilty! I completely understand how you feel. I’ve liked guys who were never going to like me back, not even in my dreams. I think that even though, you have feelings for your best friend that you have to move past him. As much as it hurts, you have to move on and understand. Give the second guy a chance. You don’t have to do anything you don’t feel uncomfortable with but give him a chance. Little things like go to a movie together or out for lunch or something that to get to know him more. Who knows you might really end up enjoying his company and personality once you get to know him more. I hope I helped some and good luck to you dear! 🙂


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