Salt Water Flush Part 2 aaaannd.. Nothing

So it has been 2 hours since I started my salt water flush. It tastes terrible and hasn’t really done much. I’ve used the restroom 3 times since starting but nothing like described. I wasn’t there for an hour and it wasn’t a lot. I understand now why no one posted before and afters, there is no before and after. There is no difference. Actually I’ve gained a pound since starting and I honestly think it’s just from the water sitting in my stomach. Maybe there will be more of a difference tomorrow. I don’t think I did anything wrong. I drank all of it, laid on my side, held it for as long as I could. The only thing I messed up on was not drinking it in under 5 minutes but I still did it in 7 minutes. I don’t think that would make that big of a difference. Maybe it’s because this is for people who eat normal diets and I eat a significant amount less than them. 


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