Sorry for the Lack of Update 

I suck at keeping up with this blog right now. Summer has been so busy I can’t even stick to Ana. My modeling competition is in 2 weeks and I’m nowhere close to where I need to be. I think I’m going on a 2 week tea diet. The only thing I will consume is my teas. This includes the little bit of milk and sugar I put in it, water, and one “meal” a day, no more than 200 calories. Going to try and drop 15-20 lbs before competition. I’m also biking to work most days which is about 8 miles a day. I think I might start wearing my waist trainer while biking to help shed pounds. I have a meeting with my boss and a bunch of videos to shoot. Btw, would anyone be interested in my personal YouTube channel? Since I don’t post face pics to keep this private, would anyone want to put a face to my blog? 


One thought on “Sorry for the Lack of Update 

  1. Good luck on your modelling competition 🙂 And I think a YouTube channels would be interesting. I considered doing one myself, but I suck at technology 😦 I think an Ana channels would be interesting because they’re not much out there.


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