So I have an idea. What would you guys think if I made Ana tshirts? With like, thinspoish saying on them? Not super obvious ones but ones that can be mistaken for normal workout gear?  Advertisements

New Mental Diagnosis and Modeling Competition Results

So I am going to a new therapist and she has “undiagnosed” me from all the things my old doctors had said, which is a pretty long list.  Manic Depressive Bipolar Disorder Anxiety Disorder ADD ADHD Inbetween ADD and ADHD Personality Disorder Split Personality Disorder  Schizophrenia Depression Borderline Bipolar OCD Social Anxiety And I’m sure… Continue reading New Mental Diagnosis and Modeling Competition Results


So I’m at 142.8 and the modeling competition is this Sunday. Not going to have access to my scale until I’m back but hoping I can come back at 140ish. There is a possibility I could get signed at competition so we will see how this goes. I know I’m not tall enough for runway… Continue reading 142.8