Thinspo Disapointment 

So there is a girl I have followed for a long time that use to be a huge Thinspo for me cause she was so tiny. Now recently she has gained tons of weight and I’m just like NOOOOOOOO! Where has my tiny Kaya gone?!?! Either way, she goes by toxic tears and this is here about 3 years ago. 

See what I mean? Super tiny, super beautiful. So perfect. But now….

See?!?! Her and the blonde girl use to be the same size! She tries to blame it on the anti depressants she was taking but I think what happened is she got popular on YouTube and started earning more money with it and could suddenly afford more food and didn’t know when to stop. 

I’m down 2 lbs from yesterday. Hoping to keep it up and be about 10 lbs smaller for competition. 


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