So I’m at 142.8 and the modeling competition is this Sunday. Not going to have access to my scale until I’m back but hoping I can come back at 140ish. There is a possibility I could get signed at competition so we will see how this goes. I know I’m not tall enough for runway but may print or lifestyle. 

So coming this December my best friend and roommate has decided he wants to live on his own to focus on school. I’m not completely ready to be on my own but I’m trying to make the best of it by making a list of reasons being on my own will be good for me. 

1. All my stuff doesn’t have to stay in my room. I can spread projects out and not have to work about always being clean. 

2. Privacy. I can work on Ana pods and the magazine (which I have been neglecting, sorry) without having to hide it. 

3. The washer will never have someone else’s clothes in it. 

4. No Pants!

5. Full control of the thermostat. 

6. Workout anytime, in anyway, without having to worry about being in the way or waking someone up.

7. Play my music. 

8. No one will notice what is or isn’t in my fridge/ pantry. 

9.  Can film videos/ take photos somewhere besides my bedroom. 

10. Plants!

11. Decorate how I want.

12. Don’t have to stay up waiting on someone to come home. 

I can’t think of anything else right now. Maybe y’all have some suggestions? 

My parents are also dragging me back to a therapist. Not for Ana, but not looking forward to it at all. Will be lying through my teeth when it comes to food. 


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