New Mental Diagnosis and Modeling Competition Results

So I am going to a new therapist and she has “undiagnosed” me from all the things my old doctors had said, which is a pretty long list. 

Manic Depressive Bipolar Disorder

Anxiety Disorder



Inbetween ADD and ADHD

Personality Disorder

Split Personality Disorder 



Borderline Bipolar


Social Anxiety

And I’m sure there was more. All these things I’m not actually diagnosed with. They are maybes. They are “We think you may have this but we aren’t going to actually diagnose you with it because your not 18” bullshit (this was back when I was 16, I’m 22 now) The only things I ever believed were Manic Depressive Bipolar Disorder because it explained my mood swings to an extent but the mood cycles are to fast for it, Anxiety/ Social Anxiety, and ADD. The only thing she didn’t take away was ADD. And added one. 

Aspergers. Mother Fucking High Functioning Aspergers. Like What The FUCK am I supposed to do with that.

Like it’s nice not to have that giant ass list up there anymore but at least I could deal with that. I don’t know how to deal with this. At all. 

And of course she has no idea about Ana because I’ve managed to scrub it from my records. 

And now I’m questioning everything and I can’t deal. 

But enough of that because I’m not going to dwell on it. 

To the modeling results. 

So the competition went good, I fucked up my commercial. I have an agency interested in me, New Orleans Fashion Week is interested in me, and an acting school in New York is interested in me. I have to email the agency this week and fashion week is suppose to call in about a month and I need to email the school. Any New Orleans or New York Anas following me? 


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