Posts and This Guy I Like

So I am trying to find a site to sell the t-shirts on and I’ll keep y’all updated on that. 

I think I am going to start doing weekly posts on workouts, recipies, and other Ana life stuff. I’m also going to start a YouTube for podcasts, recipies, news, and such. It will be anonymous and I will be using an accent. I have a personal YouTube so I don’t want to be recognized. I will no longer be using the other podcasting site. They will not let me upload anymore content without paying. 

I have not been able to keep up with the magazine every month so I will now only be posting randomly when I have completed an issue. I simply don’t have the time to make one every month. 

So on to what this post is really about. If you recall in one of my past posts there is a guy I work with that I flirt with a lot. I seriously have started to like this guy. He’s not super serious or ever seems to be in a bad mood. He’s skinny, but muscular. Like he’s a twig, but still has a 6 pack and god that’s so sexy to me. He smokes ( I do as well) so I know he won’t care. He’s super flirty and our flirting has gotten a lot more intense. He purposely says things to get me to ( playfully) punch him and fucking giggles when I do dispite the fact I know it hurts. I don’t try to hurt him, I’m just stronger than he is and even when I put nothing behind it, it hurts. Not like seriously but.. I think you guys get it. I think he’s still completely oblivious to the fact I’m seriously flirting and not just playing around but I’m working on that.

Btw: tmi coming up

Either way, we went out to eat with 5 of our other friends and I got sloshed. Like guys, his hair looked like it was glowing at one point ( he has white hair so that didnt fucking help). After we all went to 2 adult stores for the fun of it. The first one was more of a lingerie store and we found a mesh top for guys and they kept joking about him wearing it and I was just like, please put that thing on, I want to see that. 

The next store we went to was a sex shop, like porn, and wall to wall toys. So he keeps picking up butt plugs and turning on vibrators and at one point he finds the whips. He hit himself in the arm with it and then decides to hit me with it. All I could think was, give me that thing and I will leave some marks on that pretty pale skin of yours. 

Ugh! Idk what to do, for someone who is not interested in sex at this point in my life this boy makes me have some very sexual thoughts. This upcoming month we will have break together 2 days out of the week and I can’t wait!


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