Grocery Shopping and Hipbones

So these are my groceries for the month. 

Of course I have more food at home but not enough to binge on without leaving myself short for the month. I’m so proud of myself for making good choices this go around. No real snack foods, everything is either super low cal snacking or must be made into a meal to be eaten. 

2 jugs of water

1 jug of sweet tea

1 pack of pita bread

1 container of hummus

3 cucumbers

1 bag of shredded lettuce

1 bag of fake meatballs

2 bags of fake fajita chicken

2 Olive jars

1 box of pocky

5 cans of soup

2 jars of pizza sauce ( to be combined with the pasta I have at home) 

Pretty good overall I think and only $55

Being Ana saves so much on food. 

Also want to be a show off and share my hipbones. This is not sucking in or posing to make them stick out more. This is all the time how they sit now. 

Here is laying on my side. 

Standing up 

And laying on my back

No idea what my weight is as my scale has gone haywire and doesn’t even register when I’m standing on it. 

On another note, at the end of the month I will be moving into an apartment by myself. Which means I can fill up my fridge with what I want without people asking me about nutrition and workout whenever. I plan on stocking up on water and vitamins but I’m not sure about food. I know I’m going to get cucumbers, soup, and jello, but what else?

What low cal foods are your favorites? 


2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping and Hipbones

  1. I love to stock up on salad, veggies, fruits, yogurt, and egg whites. I find these foods the most filling with the least amount of calories. Oh, and liquids like water, tea, coffee, Diet Coke, and broth and soups are good. Oh, tuna is pretty cheap and low in calories but high in protein for when you really need it 🙂


  2. Chicken broth cooked with celery and onion, that is like my favorite thing to eat. and spaghetti squash so low calorie easy to bake in the oven with little clean up I just mix it with a can of diced tomatos.


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