Long Time, No Post

Well I’m back. How long has it been? 2 months? So quick update. My scale broke, I got a 3 week break from being in the water 8 hours a day and gained 15 lbs. Now that I have a proper working scale again, it’s time to lose that and so much more. So I’m going on the Vape Diet. 

The Vape diet is much like a cigarette diet. Smoke when hungry/ vape when hungry. Except vaping is so much better! Not only can you get it with no nicotine, it comes it a bunch of yummy flavors! Bye bye cravings. I have black cherry, pomegranate, tigers blood (yes like the snow cone flavor), and peach. Wonder if I can get it in chicken or pizza flavor? Tomorrow will be my first day with no food, just vaping, we will see how this goes. If I’m successful, I think I’m going to make it where I only have breakfast and then vape for lunch and dinner with maybe a snack every few days.

Hope I can keep up with this blog better. 


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