So I officially think I have made my friend relapse. I didn’t mean to, but all we do together is workout and talk about our eds. It just kind of happened. We workout 2-3 times a day together. I also feel like the worlds shittiest person because all I can think is how she’s already skinnier than me and going to be tiny before me. Uhhghh, I’m a bad friend. 

This is our workout plan

Monday’s & Wednesday’s:

Run 25 flights of stairs during lunch

Run 5-10 flights of stairs during break

45 minutes in the gym after work

Tuesday’s & Thursday’s:

Gym for 1 hour durning lunch

5-10 flights of stairs durning break


3 hours in the gym


Break day


Gym if we can

I have to be 151 by Monday to stay on track with being 145 by the end of the month. 1 pound a day. I can do this. 


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